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Homogenized AGN catalogue and luminosity function analysis code from Kulkarni et al. 2018.

This repository contains three things:

  1. A homogeneous catalogue of 83,488 AGN between redshift 0 and 7.5, with rest-frame UV magnitudes, redshifts, and selection probabilities.
  2. Code to derive luminosity functions from this data
  3. Code to model hydrogen and helium reionization

The commit tagged v3.0 reproduces the results from Kulkarni et al. 2018.

The Data_new subdirectory contains the AGN catalogue in ASCII text files. Comments in the files explain their structure. See Section 2 of the paper for details on the original references for these data and how we homogenise them. Use to visualise the full catalogue in the style of Figure 1 of the paper. Luminosity functions in bins of redshift and magnitude are implemented in These are shown as points in, e.g., Figure 3 of the paper. Detailed definitions are in Section 3.1 of the paper.Double-power-law luminosity function models are derived in the lf class, defined in See or for examples on how to use this class. The latter is used by to produce Figure 3 of the paper. Details of this modelling is in Section 3.2 of the paper. Global models of luminosity function evolution are implemented in See or for examples of how to use these. Three such models are discussed in Section 3.3 of the paper. Hydrogen-ionizing emissivity is modelled in The hydrogen-photoionization rate is modelled in Code in models Helium reionization. The methods behind these codes is discussed in Section 4 of the paper.


1. Where do I start?

Begin by running to get the luminosity function in a redshift bin.

2. How do I get the number density of AGN at a certain redshift?

Pass luminosity function models (instances of individual.lf or composite.lf) to one of the functions in

3. I just want to know the value of one of the double-power-law parameters at a redshift

Pass an instance of composite.lf to paramz.parameter_atz().

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