For use with node 'soap' module as security object for accessing Marketo's SOAP API.
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For use with node soap module as the security object for accessing Marketo's SOAP API.

Version: 0.0.2

Written in LiveScript, but accessible from JavaScript.



This is a class. Constructor parameters:

client-access-ID secret-key

Use (in LiveScript):

soap              = require \soap
{MarketoSecurity} = require \marketo-soap-security

wsdl-url = ''
err, client <- soap.createClient wsdl-url
client.set-security MarketoSecurity do
    'your client access ID here'
    'your secret key here'


Use (in JavaScript):

var soap, MarketoSecurity, wsdlUrl;
soap = require('soap');
MarketoSecurity = require('marketo-soap-security').MarketoSecurity;

// your wsdlUrl may be different: check the latest version of Marketo
// API and the correct access point within Marketo Admin, and update the
// url below before using
wsdlUrl = '';

soap.createClient(wsdlUrl, function(err, client){
  client.setSecurity(MarketoSecurity('your client access ID here', 'your secret key here'));
  // can now use the client object to access the API.  For example:

get-W3C-timestamp (getW3CTimestamp)

A function. Takes a date and returns a properly formated W3C timestamp.

Use (in LiveScript):

{get-W3C-timestamp} = require \marketo-soap-security
timestamp = get-W3C-timestamp new Date '2012-09-12'

Use (in JavaScript):

var getW3CTimestamp, timestamp;
getW3CTimestamp = require('marketo-soap-security').getW3CTimestamp;
timestamp = getW3CTimestamp(new Date('2012-09-12'));