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Tools for the TREC CAsT benchmark
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Tools and scripts for TREC CAsT

Topic file processing

Code for processing the topic files in Java (all three formats) is available in: src/main/java

A maven file is provide for building the code.

Convert various collections to TREC Web format.

To run the parser for CAR corpus V2:
Setup trec car tools from

To run the parser for Washington Post: Run: python DATAPATH OUTPUT_DIRECTORY
Here DATAPATH is the directory containing the json files of Washington Post data, and OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is the name of the directory where you want to store the converted files

To run the parser for MSMARCO: Install tqdm if you dont already have it
Run: python path_to_collection.tsv OUTPUT_DIRECTORY DUPLICATE_FILE
Here path_to_collection.tsv is the tab seperated MARCO data, OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is the location of the directory where you want to store the converted files, and DUPLICATE_FILE is the file containing the list of deduplicated documents.

NOTE: The scripts have been tested with Python 3.6 (but anything >= 3.5 should work).

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