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A website dedicated to hosting / creating modifications for the Glacier 2 Engine games
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A work in progress website dedicated to hosting/documenting modifications for Glacier² Engine games. I've started work buidling this website, actively avoiding building a backend & using js/php as much as possible, simply because of my disliking of the bloated nature of them.

May hit points of procrasination during building the website. However, bare with us on our journey to success.

Glacier² Engine Games

  • HITMAN 2
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Hitman: Absolution

HITMAN 2 is the main focus of mod creation / development at the moment. But it's likely modifications for the rest of the games will be made, @B3LYP more work pls <3


  • Add a how to submit a mod page.

    • Figure out how exactly that is going to work, would be great to have mods submitted as github pull requests.
    • Figure out a solution to the long static page issue this would cause
      • Possibly may need a backend to serve mod pages :(
  • Start adding a few trivial mods to start things off.

  • Talk to Mike about a Mod Manager

    • Distrobution of mods should be done via Zip files, with a json / xml manifest, so a mod manager can manage multiple mods.
      • Swixel has concept for something like this.
  • Talk Swixel into helping out Mike

  • Talk to B3 about Mods in general

  • Start adding trivial mods

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