Source code for a simple demo app showing how to build a custom toggle switch for React applications.
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Building Toggle Switch (React Demo)

This project contains a demo source code showing how to build a custom toggle switch component for a React application, which can be used as a substitute for controls like checkboxes.

Prior experience working with the React framework is required for complete understanding of the demo code. You can checkout the docs to learn more about React.

Here is a screenshot of the demo React application:

Demo Application

Before you begin, make sure you have npm and node installed on your system. It is recommended that you use yarn instead of npm to run and manage the package. Follow this guide to install yarn on your system.

Once you have either yarn or npm installed, run the following commands to get started.

Note that this demo was bootstrapped using the create-react-app package. You can look through this extensive guide for the available scripts.

Using NPM

npm install
npm start

Using Yarn

yarn start

You can also get a live demo on Code Sandbox.

Edit toggle-switch