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VS Code Extension VS Code Extension CHANGELOG

Icon Linkist

A Visual Studio Code extension to create persistent links between markdown documents in your workspace.

It's a great way to implement a private "Zettelkasten" note taking system as described in How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens.


  1. Open VSCode or VSCodium.
  2. Type Ctrl+P then paste: ext install gladed.linkist


  1. Put your cursor on a markdown heading ...

    # Horses

    ...and type Ctrl+Alt+L:

    # [Horses](^2FnK^)
  2. Copy that link anywhere else in your workspace, changing the text if you like:

    ## Zebras
    Zebras are like [horses](^2FnK^), but with stripes.
  3. Put your cursor on that link and type Ctrl+Alt+L again to go back to the heading.

  4. Type Ctrl+Alt+L yet again to visit or list other places the link ID appears.

Advanced Topics

  • Understand why some links create warnings.
  • Create new note files automatically:
    • Select multiple lines (starting with a heading) and Ctrl+Alt+L to extract that section into a new note
    • Use Ctrl+Alt+L on a link with no associated heading yet
  • Type [ to auto-complete from existing links.
  • Type Ctrl+Space on a link to see more about it.
  • Read the Change Log.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more.