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Gladius Guardian service manager

  • Keeps track of Gladius services and makes it easy to start and stop as well as get logs
  • Simple REST API interface for management
  • Rebuilt P2P stack from the ground up using our own library Legion

Gladius Legion

  • Easy to use and extremely flexible api for any developer to build their own distributed applications in Go
    • GitHub read more features here

Overhauled UI

  • Added entire status page to manage services, view real time logs, and monitor the state of your node
  • Added version management so you can see when a new version is ready to be installed
  • Fixed balance checking
  • General improvements in reliability and usability

Redesigned config system

  • Config files are consistent across all of the Gladius modules
  • Config files missing sections will no longer be considered invalid

Master Node

  • Rewritten in C++
  • The masternode has been ported from Go to C++ to squeeze the maximum performance we can out of the hardware we run on.
  • Migrated our content delivery from an inline Javascript solution to a more elegant browser service worker (in future will allow for much faster loading through web assembly, compression, and interesting distributed applications)
  • Entire build system has been dockerized to make it much easier to develop across multiple platforms and systems
  • Renamed and refactored services to make development and contributions easier


  • Networkd -> Edged
  • Controld -> Network Gateway


  • Build process now clones repositories and calls their internal makefile to build and test
  • Broke out all common code into a new package called Gladius Common
  • All new build pipeline so releases are easier to create and distribute

macOS Application

  • Supports native service management
  • Improved menu bar item support
  • Wallet password can be stored in macOS keychain


  • Fixed issues with windows services not starting
  • Fixed windows icon not appearing
  • Improved windows installer
  • Issues binding to separate interfaces in Linux has been fixed
  • Migrated GladiusBase from .config/gladius to .gladius on macOS and Linux
  • General bug fixes and usability improvements
  • Added experimental UPNP support the the Network Gateway
  • Updated CLI to support changes in the Network Gateway