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Octocat-spinner-32 gladius.js
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Octocat-spinner-32 order.js

src layout

  • gladius.js: the entry point to gladius. In source form, internally uses ../external/require.js to load itself and then loads gladius-src. The dist/ output for gladius.js does not need require.js to run.
  • gladius-src.js: Contains the main top level code for gladius.
  • order.js: the order plugin for require.js, used to load CubicVR.js in its source form. Not needed for the dist/ version of gladius.
  • common: modules that are shared across the code base. Math is a special module because it is loaded directly into the environment before the engine prototype is constructed. It is accessible from the window context rather than from an engine instance.
  • core: modules used directly by gladius.js
  • graphics: for graphics subsystems.
  • input: modules for handling input
  • physics: for physics subsystems.
  • sound: for sound subsystems.
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