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Tab for a Cause Browser Extensions

Getting Started

  • Install Yarn
  • Clone this repository
  • At the root of the repository, run yarn



  • yarn run chromium:develop
  • At chrome://extensions/, check the "Developer mode" box and load the unpacked extension from the repository's build/chromium/ directory.
  • The extension will re-build on file change but still requires manually reloading the extension in Chrome.


  • yarn run firefox:develop
  • This opens an instance of Firefox with the extension installed. It will hot reload on changes.


All Browsers

yarn run build


yarn run chromium:build


yarn run firefox:build

Note: we maintain two Firefox extensions: one that is listed in the Mozilla Add-ons Store and one that is self-hosted for download from our web page. This builds both. The extensions only differ in some manifest.json entries; see manifest.addon-store-overrides.json and manifest.self-hosted-overrides.json. We build the final manifest.json files in the Firefox build script.


yarn test