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Developers and contributors of PythonBrasil[8] website
This section lists people who have developed or contributed in some way to the
PythonBrasil[8] website. It is probably not complete -- if you feel that
you or anyone else should be on this list, please let us know (open an issue
at, and we'll be glad
to fix the problem.
(contributors ordered by first name)
.. acks::
* Andrews Medina
* Bruno Carvalho
* Fernando Rocha
* Flávia Missi
* Francisco Souza
* Henrique Bastos
* Jayson Reis
* Mauricio de Souza Lima
* Mayza de Oliveira
* Rafael Carício
* Rudá Porto
* Tarsis Azevedo
* Victor Areas (Siminino)
* Vinicius Mendes
* Wagner Peres
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