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Gladstone Bioinformatics Workshops

All training materials are free to use by anyone at any time. Instructors regularly present these workshops at Gladstone and the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. Follow Gladstone's Data Science Training Program for upcoming events.


Learning Paths

Explore these curated sets of workshops to find the right path for you. Note that intermediate and advanced workshops require completion of earlier workshops before enrolling.

Biostats Command Line R Scripting
Biostats Command Line R Scripting
Statistics for biologists Computer skills for data science Data analysis using R
RNA-Seq Network Biology Pathway Analysis
RNA-Seq Network Biology Pathway Analysis
RNA-Seq analysis Network analysis and visualization Pathway analysis and modeling

Statistics for Biologists

Computer Skills for Data Science

Machine Learning

Data Analysis Using R

RNA-Seq Analysis

ATAC-Seq Analysis

Computational Genomics

Network Analysis and Visualization

Pathway Analysis and Modeling

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