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This is a PHP5 wrapper for the popular Flickr Service. The basic api-methods are implemented have a own class-method. (not maintained anymore)
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Flickr PHP API

Why this class

I was searching for a good PHP5 class, one without PHP4 support. One that use cURL for the REST-API from Flickr. With this API I wanted to give users the chance to decide in wich format they want their results and support some basic methods and the more advanced are possible with the custom query.

How to use

Setting API-key and default return format


    // set the API-key
    Flickr::setApikey('API-key'); // change 'API-key' with yours

    // set the default return format
    // default is set to Flickr::JSON
    Flickr::setFormat(Flickr::PHP); // Flickr::PHP is a format for returning a serialized array

    $params = array(
       'method' => 'flickr.test.echo',
       'foo' => 'bar',

    $flickr_results = Flickr::makeCall($params);

Setting it all together in one request


    $params = array(
       'api_key' => 'API-key',
       'format' => Flickr::XML,
       'method' => 'flickr.test.echo',
       'foo' => 'bar',

    $flickr_results = Flickr::makeCall($params);


If you find one, please inform us with the issue tracker on github.


Flickr 0.6.1 - 02/05/2010

  • [bug] deleted CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION that causes errors on shared webhosting

Flickr 0.6 - 13/04/2010

  • [bug] Error-number with curl is returning an int and defaults to 0

Flickr 0.5 - 20/03/2010

  • Initial version of the PHP-wrapper

Feature Requests / To come

If you want something to add on this plugin, feel free to fork the project on github or add an issue as a feature request.


This plugin has a BSD License. You can find the license in license.txt that is included with class-package

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