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searchMovie typo #16

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Hi just found the typo in README, hope it will save someone's time!


Sorry but this is a newline difference at the end of file which differs in various OS, I'm on linux so no way for my to strip this last newline char if not doing a bit correction which I would rather avoid

As far as I understand it is better to keep

Or just delete this pull request,


I understand but If we change something like this, that should be done in two different commits...

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Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @moiseevigor

    searchMovie typo

    moiseevigor authored
  2. @moiseevigor

    Update README.markdown

    moiseevigor authored
  3. @moiseevigor

    Update README.markdown

    moiseevigor authored
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4 README.markdown
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ All methods are listed here, for use, look into the code, everything is document
### Movies ###
-- searchMovie($query, [$page], [$adult], [$lang])
+- searchMovie($query, [$page], [$adult], [$year], [$lang])
- getMovie($id, [$lang])
- getMovieCast($id)
- getMovieImages($id, [$lang])
@@ -238,4 +238,4 @@ This class throws an TMDbException when an error is in the class is made by the
This plugin has a [BSD License]( You can find the license in license.txt that is included with class-package
-![ alpha](
+![ alpha](
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