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Find file Copy path
Corrado Avolio Added sample with x-labels. 6fa4526 Dec 7, 2018
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
dir=$(dirname "$0")
if [ ! -d "${dir}/data" ]; then
echo 'downloading data'
echo 'plotting coordinates'
scatter --file "${dir}/data/texas.txt"
echo 'with x and y coords'
scatter -x "${dir}/data/x_test.txt" -y "${dir}/data/y_test.txt"
echo 'plotting a histogram'
hist --file "${dir}/data/exp.txt"
echo 'with colors'
hist --file "${dir}/data/exp.txt" --colour blue
echo 'changing the shape of the point'
hist --file "${dir}/data/exp.txt" --pch .
echo 'adding x-labels'
hist --file "${dir}/data/exp.txt" --pch . --xlab
#echo 'using stdin'
#curl -sL | hist
#echo 'getting data from a webpage'
#curl -s '' |
#grep -o -E '[$][0-9]+' | grep -o -E '[0-9]+' |
#hist -b 20 -t 'Baseball Payrolls' --height 20 --pch '*'
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