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#pragma once
// ================================================================================================
// -*- C++ -*-
// File: asp_model.hpp
// Author: Guilherme R. Lampert
// Created on: 20/12/14
// Brief: Handler for the Dungeon Siege "Aspects" (ASP) 3D model format.
// This project's source code is released under the MIT License.
// -
// ================================================================================================
#include "siege/common.hpp"
#include "siege/helper_types.hpp"
namespace siege
// ========================================================
// AspModel:
// ========================================================
// Importer class for a Dungeon Siege ASPECT (.ASP) 3D model.
// ASP models are used for everything but the terrain.
// This importer is largely based on the 3D Max import/export scripts
// from the forums. Refer to for
// the original script code.
// You can import an ASP from a file or from a memory buffer.
// The asp2obj command line tool can convert an ASP into a
// static Wavefront OBJ model, which can then be opened in
// a variety of 3D modeling tools and viewers.
// Skeleton data is contained in the ASP, but animation frames
// are stored separately in another file with the .PRS extension.
// The term "Corner" is used here to mean an interleaved model
// vertex (position, tex-coords, normal, etc). This term was used
// by the Max scripts, so I decided to use it here as well to keep
// the C++ code as close to the original scripts as possible.
class AspModel final
: public utils::NonCopyable
enum ImportFlags
// Default import mode. Loads most of the stuff but ignores some irrelevant data.
Default = 0,
// Load minimal data to import quickly for preview.
QuickImport = 1 << 1,
// Load and validate everything, even the unused stuff of the ASP format.
FullImport = 1 << 2
// Shorthand names for internal class usage:
using Vec2 = utils::Vec2;
using Vec3 = utils::Vec3;
using Vec4 = utils::Vec4;
using Vec4b = utils::Vec4b;
// Indexes into the shared corner (vertex) array for a face triangle.
struct TriIndex
uint32_t index[3];
// A model vertex, which can be thought of as a "corner"...
// "Corner" is the term used in the 3DMax export scripts.
struct WCornerInfo
Vec3 pos;
Vec3 normal;
Vec4 weight;
Vec2 texCoord;
Vec4b color;
Vec4b bone;
// A simpler model vertex (corner), without animation data.
// This was probably used for static geometry.
struct CornerInfo
uint32_t vtxIndex;
Vec3 normal;
Vec2 texCoord;
Vec4b color;
struct MatInfo
uint32_t textureIndex;
uint32_t faceSpan;
struct FaceInfo
std::vector<uint32_t> cornerStart;
std::vector<uint32_t> cornerSpan;
std::vector<TriIndex> cornerIndex;
struct BoneInfo
uint32_t parentIndex;
uint32_t flags;
std::string name;
struct SubMesh
uint32_t textureCount = 0;
uint32_t vertexCount = 0;
uint32_t cornerCount = 0;
uint32_t faceCount = 0;
uint32_t stitchCount = 0;
std::vector<MatInfo> matInfo; // BSMM
std::vector<Vec3> positions; // BVTX
std::vector<CornerInfo> corners; // BCRN
std::vector<WCornerInfo> wCorners; // WCRN
FaceInfo faceInfo; // BTRI
// Construct an empty model.
AspModel() = default;
// Construct from ASP model file.
AspModel(std::string filename, uint32_t importFlags = Default);
// Construct from an ASP model file loaded into memory.
AspModel(ByteArray fileContents, uint32_t importFlags = Default, std::string filename = "");
// Load ASP model from file. Discards current, if any.
void initFromFile(std::string filename, uint32_t importFlags = Default);
// Load ASP model from memory. Discards current, if any.
void initFromMemory(ByteArray fileContents, uint32_t importFlags = Default, std::string filename = "");
// Disposes model data, making this class an empty/invalid model.
void dispose();
// Test if this object has valid model data.
bool isValid() const;
// Source file that originated this model. May be empty if the model was loaded from memory.
const std::string & getSourceFileName() const { return srcFileName; }
// Used by the OBJ exporter tool.
const std::vector<SubMesh> & getSubMeshes() const { return subMeshes; }
const std::vector<BoneInfo> & getBoneInfos() const { return boneInfos; }
const std::vector<std::string> & getTextureNames() const { return textureNames; }
// Reading and handling the ASP data is fairly complex
// and requires some temporary state. This class facilitates that.
class AspImporter final
: public utils::NonCopyable
// Imports a model from file data, writing to 'mdl'.
// Might throw an exception on error.
AspImporter(AspModel & mdl, ByteArray fileData,
uint32_t impFlags, const std::string & filename);
// Reader helpers:
void readBytes(void * buffer, size_t numBytes);
uint32_t readU32();
float readF32();
Vec4b readColor();
Vec2 readTexCoord();
Vec3 readVec3();
Vec4 readVec4();
bool readFourCC(FourCC & fcc);
// Readers for each sections of the ASP file format:
void readBMSH();
void readBONH();
void readBSUB();
void readBSMM();
void readBVTX();
void readBCRN();
void readWCRN();
void readBVMP();
void readBTRI();
void readBVWL();
void readSTCH();
void readRPOS();
void readBBOX();
void readBEND();
// The main reading loop. This will branch on each
// ASP section and call one of the above handlers.
void importAspModel();
void validateVersion(const char * sectName, uint32_t version) const;
// Importer state:
AspModel & model;
uint32_t importFlags;
uint32_t currentSubMeshIndex;
size_t readPosition;
const ByteArray fileContents;
const std::string & srcFileName;
// Importer can access the internal data structures of AspModel.
friend class AspImporter;
// Model data:
std::vector<SubMesh> subMeshes;
std::vector<BoneInfo> boneInfos;
std::vector<std::string> textureNames;
// Source filename for debug printing.
// May be empty if the model was loaded from memory.
std::string srcFileName;
} // namespace siege {}