Light wiki themes designed & optimized for Tor, i2p, and FreeNet
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Sniki is a group of themes for mediawiki, optimized to be light and low on fluffy bits.

Sniki-Wiki is a fork of mediawiki, which is lighter and faster than standard installations.

So what's the deal?

Sniki themes are optimized for use with Tor, FreeNet, and i2p hidden services. Currently, options out there look poor or run extremely slowly.

By trimming excess features within themes, we can lighten the load on anonymity networks and encourage the free flow of information.

Features on the chopping block

  • Image Upload
  • IP Logging/Display (pointless as there is no banhammer)
  • Most languages (languages can be re-added and changed by administrators)
  • API support

What Wiki Engines will these work with?

  • MediaWiki
  • Kwik
  • (others TBA)

License / Copyright

Hacked to bits by Griffin Boyce. Released under Creative Commons Share-Alike + Attribution.

All themes and graphics are issued under their original licenses, which have been kept intact.