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Distributed, tamper-resistant circumvention tools
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###Distributed, tamper-resistant circumvention tools

An unfiltered internet is critical to free speech and self-determination -- the most precious of liberties. Free flow of ideas is particularly crucial in areas with intense internet filtering, as these are the areas pushing oppressive policies onto their people.

What Satori does is provide access to verifiable bundles of privacy-enhancing software to those who need it most.


  • Downloads from un-censored locations
  • Software integrity checker to compare with thousands of pieces of security software
  • Tor bridge distribution


  • Lantern for Windows, Mac, and Debian-based Linux distributions.
  • Psiphon for Windows and Android.
  • Tor Browser for Windows, Mac, and Debian-based Linux distributions.
  • Enigmail - encryption plugin (requires Thunderbird email client).
  • F-Droid for Android.
  • GPG4Win - required to encrypt email on Windows.

###Licenses Note: All of the software distributed can be used for free, and are open-source.

Satori uses Artistic License 2.0, a supervillain-friendly license.


###Code notes (2014) Distributing a hash for the outer container when using Chrome as backbone is tricky, as the outer container can vary slightly. The inner TBB will always have the same checksum, however. (Thanks DCF for testing with this). For this reason, I ultimately decided to use Amazon, Github, and other distribution networks.

###Contact griffin @

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