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Custom Derive for the boxext::Zero trait

Add #[derive(Zero)] on your types to automatically derive the boxext::Zero trait. Only structs aggregating types implementing the boxext::Zero trait are valid to use this with.


extern crate boxext;
extern crate boxext_derive;
use boxext::BoxExt;

struct Foo {
    a: usize,
    b: f64,
    c: [usize; 4],

// #[derive(Zero)]
//             ^ the trait `boxext::Zero` is not implemented for `std::boxed::Box<Foo>`
// struct Bar {
//    a: usize,
//    b: Box<Foo>,
// }

fn main() {
    // equivalent to Box::new(Foo { a: 0, b: 0.0, c: [0; 4] })
    let buf: Box<Foo> = Box::new_zeroed();
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