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Scripts and Scripting

This repository is for the miscellaneous scripts that I create which don't fit in any other category. Mainly, I need a place to store and link to these scripts.

Who Did These?

Scripts are like Pokemon - gotta catch 'em all! I've picked them up from different forums, lists, tweets, chats, and experimentation. Many are my own proof-of-concept scripts to test out a process (like exporting a plist or file manipulation). I refer back to them when I build convenience functions in things like crankd, puppet, log/in,out/ hooks, and things like that. I still consider myself fairly green (as I don't code regularly) - so it's all about learning and remembering for posterity.

Can I Borrow/Take one of These?

Sure, that's why I'm posting them. I think we could all benefit from some shared code.

There's a Better Way to do That!

Awesome! Just let me know - I'd love to incorporate it.