The Retina Glasklart Theme
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Out-of-the-way, transparent iPhone theme that lets you really showcase your wallpaper. Glasklart is swedish, it means "clear as glass".

Now includes 8.800+ high resolution icons which have been graciously crafted by the community.

Glasklart is compatible to iOS7, iOS8 and iOS9. Since version 4.24.0 Glasklart uses Anemone. Anemone conflicts with Winterboard, so this means that Winterboard will be uninstalled if you install Glasklart 5.0 and up.

Glasklart can be either downloaded from Cydia (search for 'Glasklart'), or you can click here.



Without them, Glasklart would have died long ago. Please take a moment to look over our list of contributors.

Make sure to show your appreciation to everyone on this list!

Important: if you wish to receive credit for icons you submit and be listed on the contributors page you must have a public email address attatched to your Github profile.

How You Can Help Make Glasklart More Awesome

Whether it's requests, contributions or bugs, thanks to everyone who helps make Glasklart the best, most complete theme on the internet.

A Word About The Artwork

This is, was ever and will be ever a completely free theme and nobody made or will ever make money with it. All icons here are created by hand, using the artwork from the original authors only as inspiration. So every Glasklart icon in the theme is it's own piece of art. We fully respect the creators of the original artwork. Glasklart is a very popular iOS theme and we have seen people that are uninstalling apps because they are not themed... so in the end we are helping to develop apps without of charge and completley for free.
Pax optima rerum.