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##New Web Edition License Terms for 3.2 With the release of GemStone 3.2, GemTalk Systems is announcing a new pricing structure for the GemStone/S 64 Web Edition (FAQ).

In February, I sent mail to the GLASS community where we announced our intention to change the license agreement:

For the GemStone 3.2 release and beyond  we are considering tweaking the terms of the Free for Commercial Use license....

No changes will be made to the current terms of 2.x, 3.0.x, or 3.1.x Free for Commercial Use licenses. I repeat, no changes to license terms for 3.1.x and earlier!

Moving forward with 3.2 and beyond, we feel that the current license is too generous with respect to repository size and we also feel that the prices for upgrading the SPC size and/or purchasing technical support are too expensive. 

With regards to technical support we will continue to provided free technical support via this mailing list...

In the mail message we solicited feedback from the community and received a fair number of responses that greatly influenced our final decisions.

In a nutshell the changes in terms can be boiled down to four major areas:

  1. A perpetual Starter license is shipped with the product. The license has notable restrictions, when compared to the Free for Commercial Use license provided with earlier versions of GemStone (3.1.x and earlier), but those restrictions are in line with the free licenses offered by other data base vendors, while allowing commercial use.
  2. A subscription Limited license is avaialable via email. The license is still more restricted than the old license, but the restrictions are pretty generous and in accord with our intentions for what we consider fair Free for Commercial Use terms.
  3. A subscription Full license is available for purchase ($1500/yr). The Full license is equivalent to the older Free for Commercial Use license. The Full license also provides for limited technical support (5 tickets).
  4. Three additional subscription licenses are available: Extended SPC, Extended CPU, and Extended Full. The new licenses provide options for increasing the size of the SPC to 4G and/or increasing the number of CPUS to 4. Limited technical support is also provided.

If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ first. If your question isn't answered there, then please mail your questions to the GLASS mailing list or to the sales email address listed on the license page.