A simple environment life-cycle management plugin for Dokku.
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Homepage: http://glassechidna.github.io/dokku-graduate/

Dokku Graduate is a simple plug-in for Dokku that helps manage the deployment of multiple Dokku apps to multiple environments.

This plugin is designed to be flexible, but in general builds off the natural relationship between environments e.g.

development -> staging -> uat -> production


Dokku Graduate is brand new. I wrote it to assist with managing my clients' environments. Whilst I am currently using it for that purpose, I would hardly consider that battle tested.



You'll need to install Dokku Graduate on at least two machines (environments):

# on 0.3.x
cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone https://github.com/glassechidna/dokku-graduate.git dokku-graduate
dokku plugins-install

# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install https://github.com/glassechidna/dokku-graduate.git dokku-graduate

Linking environments

Assuming two environments A and B exist with the relationship:

A -> B

Where B is the successor to A, then apps will graduate from A to B.

From a development machines, with access to both environments, execute:

ssh -t dokku@<A-url> graduate:key | ssh admin@<B-url> "sudo sshcommand acl-add dokku \"dokku-graduate\""
ssh -t dokku@<A-url> graduate:add-environment <B> <B-url>

Basic Usage


Whilst logged into an environment:

sudo dokku graduate <destination-environment>

Keeping track of environment state

Dokku Graduate turns your Dokku home directory (/home/dokku) into a Git repo. You will not be able to graduate to another environment until you have committed any changes made to the Dokku home directory.

This mechanism is basically just a way to force you to consciously acknowledge the presence of factors, outside of each app's Git repo, that have an impact on the environment.

For example, if a recent app commit required that you define the env var MAILER_ADDRESS, then you'll want to remember to add this same env var to Dokku app running in the graduation destination environment.

Before the first time you graduate, you'll probably just want to do the following:

sudo -u dokku bash
cd /home/dokku
git add --all .
git commit -m "Initial environment state"

Rolling back

Another advantage of having /home/dokku as a Git repo is that it makes it easier for us to roll-back an entire environment to a particular "graduation version".

Each time a successful graduation to an environment is occurs, an environment-specific, timestamped tag is added to your Dokku home Git repository.

Whilst checking out an old commit (or simply looking at the diffs) can certainly assist in rolling back; Dokku Graduate knows nothing about the intricacies of your apps. Consequently, it's still your responsibility to actually roll back in a safe manner.


Dokku Graduate currently provides two named hooks PRE and POST.


This hook is executed before a graduation has commenced. If the hook fails, the graduation is aborted.


This hook is executed after all apps have been deployed, but the apps are not yet live (old instances of the apps are still live). If the hook fails, all the newly deployed app instances are shutdown and the graduation is aborted.

Adding a hook

sudo dokku graduate:add-hook <PRE | POST> <command>

Listing hooks (with their index)

sudo dokku graduate:hooks <PRE | POST>

Removing a hook

sudo dokku graduate:rm-hook <PRE | POST> <index>