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efsu: VPN-less access to AWS EFS

efsu is for accessing AWS EFS from your machine without a VPN. It achieves this by deploying a Lambda function and shuttling data between your machine and EFS via that function.

Getting started

  • Mac: brew install glassechidna/taps/efsu
  • Windows: scoop bucket add glassechidna; scoop install efsu
  • Otherwise get the latest build from the [Releases][releases] tab.

Next, run the first-time setup. This will deploy the Lambda function that your local CLI will communicate with:

efsu setup \
--subnet-id subnet-abc0123 \
--security-group-id sg-abc0123 \
--access-point-arn arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:us-east-1:0123456789012:access-point/fsap-01234aEXAMPLE

Now you're ready to go!


% efsu ls -R /mnt/efs

ls will list files in EFS. The -R flag will recursively list files in all subdirectories.

% efsu cp /mnt/file.txt .

cp will copy files from EFS to your machine. NOTE: Currently only copying one file from EFS is supported.


  • cp -R recursive copies
  • mkdir [-p]
  • rm [-r]
  • Get feedback