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Commits on Oct 24, 2012
  1. @astaple
  2. @tadmarshall
  3. @erh

    comment on writeback change

    erh authored
  4. @erh
  5. @erh

    fix aboutToDelete test

    erh authored
  6. @erh
  7. @erh

    comment capExtent

    erh authored
  8. @erh
  9. @erh
  10. @erh
  11. @erh
  12. @tadmarshall
  13. @astaple
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. @astaple

    SERVER-1752 SERVER-4529 Do not incorrectly use fast count mode when m…

    astaple authored
    …atching against a null value.
  2. @astaple

    SERVER-1752 Improve performance of simple counts by avoiding use of a…

    astaple authored
    … matcher when an optimal btree cursor can filter results internally.
  3. @astaple

    SERVER-1752 Within BtreeCursor::currentMatches(), filter keys that do…

    astaple authored
    … not match the FieldRangeVector's index bounds.
  4. @astaple
  5. @astaple

    SERVER-4669 Refactoring

    astaple authored
    - Collapse QueryOp and QueryOptimizerCursorOp into QueryPlanRunner.
    - Move QueryPlanSet::Runner to QueryPlanRunnerQueue.
    - Move QueryOptimizerCursorImpl class definition to header file.
  6. buildbot sharding_balance4.js DEBUG sorting chunks by lastmod necessa…

    Greg Studer authored
    …ry when retrieving
    otherwise cursor yields can miss newer versions
  7. @stbrody
  8. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7439 remove unused parameter and redundant routine

    tadmarshall authored
    Remove the unused 'len' parameter from DataFileMgr::makeDeletedRecord(), make
    it call MongoDataFile::recordAt() instead of MongoDataFile::makeRecord().
    Remove the now-unused MongoDataFile::makeRecord().  Set nextDeleted to Null
    in Extent::init() for completeness (it would get set when the deleted record
    was added to a deleted list, so this isn't strictly required).  Clean up the
    code slightly (reinterpret_cast instead of C-style cast).
  9. @andy10gen

    SERVER-7118 Change "mongo modules" to use SConscript files for modules.

    andy10gen authored
    Also allows you to have modules in mongos and the shell, as well as mongod.
    Requires changes to the modules, to have SConscript files, and define libraries.
    Allows modules to have unit tests, interesting linking rules, dependencies into
    mongo, etc.
    Still may need to do some work on includes.  The mongo-enterprise module has very
    simple include requirements, today.
  10. @andy10gen
  11. @andy10gen

    Fix up fail points to be compatible with parsing command line before …

    andy10gen authored
    …running global initializers.
  12. @andy10gen
  13. @tadmarshall
  14. @andy10gen
  15. @IanWhalen

    Merge pull request #318 from tychoish/rs-priority-consistency

    IanWhalen authored
    SERVER-7380: make uassert 13419 consistent with permitted priority value...
  16. one more instance of near. this one didn't cause a compile error but …

    Hari Khalsa authored
    …caused a test to fail.
  17. @tadmarshall
  18. @tadmarshall
  19. Introduced constants to refer to collection names and fields in the c…

    Alberto Lerner authored
    …onfig server.
  20. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7381 use User Assert for disallowed user operation

    tadmarshall authored
    Follow the advice in the "todo" in the code and use a uassert instead
    of logging a message (which the user will never see).
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