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Didn't realize that require-final-newline sometimes sneaks in there

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1 parent cc27131 commit 9f02acee385bf8af11442401811504bf44d43140 @glasserc committed Jun 28, 2012
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4 README.rst
@@ -122,7 +122,9 @@ like the following::
You should also remove any customizations you have made to turn on
either ``show-trailing-whitespace`` or ``require-final-newline``; we
-handle those for you.
+handle those for you. (But note that ``require-final-newline`` is
+turned on by some modes based on the value of
When you open files (N.B. but not non-file buffers), bad whitespace
will be highlit and clean whitespace will be maintained. You can
3 lisp/ethan-wspace.el
@@ -65,6 +65,9 @@
;; FIXME: buffer-local-ize ethan-wspace-errors
;; FIXME: coding conventions suggest adding a ethan-wspace-unload-hook to unhook
+;; FIXME: warn if no-nl highlighting is turned on and
+;; require-final-newline is on. Maybe even turn it off?
;; We store the whitespace types here.
;; Currently each whitespace type is represented as an association list

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