Get a development branch

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  1. Clone the latest source code from git://
  2. Get and install the CrystaX NDK (because it supports exception handling) from here — preferably release 4 (r4) or later
  3. If you have Eclipse with the ADT plugin:
    • Create a new Android project. (File→New→Android project – don’t use File→Import)
    • On the second page of the new project wizard select “from existing source”.
    • Browse to the SuperCollider-Android directory. Click finish.
  4. Else if you’re building using Ant:
    • Go to the project directory and run android update project
  5. Build the C files into libs by running /path/to/android-ndk-r4b-crystax/ndk-build from inside the SuperCollider-Android directory.
  6. Build the Java (and libs) into an APK. Eclipse normally does this automatically, but for NDK projects you may need to touch one of your java files to trigger a rebuild.
  7. Deploy to emulator. Hear noise.