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transfun.js is a JavaScript library that lets you write map/filter/reduce code that runs much faster than the equivalent native map/filter/reduce code:



Instead of passing function arguments to the native array methods map/filter/reduce to produce a result value in 1 step:

var result = => x.p).filter((x) => x != null).reduce((a,b) => a + b);

...transfun.js uses a 2-step approach: first generate very fast code, then call it:

var appfun = map( '.p' ).filter( '!=null' ).reduce( '+' );
var result = appfun( arr ); // very fast!

Usage with functions

transfun.js also supports normal function arguments:

var appfun = map((x) => x.p ).filter((x) => x!=null ).reduce((out,v) => out+v );
var result = appfun( arr ); // fast!

...but there is a performance cost. However, this is still much faster than the native array methods. For more about this topic, see an article about transducers in JavaScript

Merging loops for speed

transfun.js automatically merges consecutive loops into one loop, then generates fast code for that loop (similar to stream fusion in Haskell).


A domain-specific language is used to define map/filter/reduce. With this language, library users can define other transformations: sum, and, or...

For the hurried ones can jump directly to the speed results

More about this

Node.js package


The Boost License apply, as described in the file LICENSE.