Assets 4

A big change was done in Lexicanalytics, supporting multiple productions analysis and offering statistical measurements. At first its core didn't change, but as resources like graphs started to appear, it's range of functionality expanded. Even with the new functionalities, the application size is still less than 1 MB, that is a good thing.

User side changes

  • New design layout, with higher size of the application.
  • Multiple productions analysis.
  • Statistics measurements for general sample and each production.
  • Graphs for Words, Lines, Types, TTR and words frequencies.
  • Reports showing the productions with highest and lowest measures.
  • General report save to text.

Developer side changes

  • Javadoc written in most of the methods.
  • Better organized code.
  • Switched HashMap to LinkedHashMap to ordered Map implementation for occurrences.
  • Temporary persistence for productions.

More developer specifics are in my dev page.


To run Lexicanalytics 2 the only requirement is a relatively updated Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and run the jar file. So there is no problem running it on Linux, Windows or Mac.