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A place to find tech events.
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ConfTrail is a place to find tech events, mainly for web development (back end, front end, UX and UI).

The idea is concentrate, firstly, events in Brazil and maybe in the future other countries.

The project is built on top of Ruby on Rails with Postgres and also uses Bootstrap 3, Sass, CoffeeScript and Haml.

It is already running, see in


We need your help, see our road map below and join us.

  • Fork and clone the project
  • Create your feature branch
  • Run rake db:migrate db:seed db:setup_trigram db:setup_unaccent to populate provinces and cities tables (can take a while) and full text search extensions
  • Make your contribution (with tests)
  • Commit, push and send us a pull request


  • Get a better logo design
  • Allow user sign ups through GitHub, Facebook and locally to create events
  • Add gamification in order to give badges for users with most approved events
  • Users with most scores/badges can moderate events in admin area
  • List upcoming events in home using geolocation, display them in a map with spots (priority for nearby events)
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