run Perl5 test programs as soon as they are modified and created
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autotest is a program that runs your test programs whenever you change them. Using it you don't have to switch between your editor and the shell since your tests are run automatically when you save them.

Think "Continuous Testing".


Go to the directory where your test directory t can be found. Run autotest in that directory. It runs all your test programs once when it's starting.

If one of the existing test programs are modified they are run again. Additionally, test programs that are created are run as soon as they are found. Modifications and creations of test programs are usually found after one second.

Only failing tests are printed in the console.

When the last run had failing tests and in the current run no test failed, you'll see a friendly message that things just got better.


The source code for autotest lives on github:

If you want to contribute a patch, fork my repository, make your change, and send me a pull request.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to the issues list at Github: <>


Test::Continuous has far more features. It runs the tests by running prove in an extra process; autotest runs the tests within the same process via TAP::Harness.