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The Glaux Operating System Project

Glaux is free software, originally written by Alexandros Alexandrou.
It comes only in i686 for now. Support for x86_64 is planned to be added.


Our website is http://glaux-os.org
Our IRC channel is #glaux-os on irc.freenode.net
You can email the main developer at glauxosdever@glaux-os.org


To build Glaux you will need:
 - Unix-like host operating system
 - GCC cross-compiler
 - Cross binutils
 - GRUB2 bootloader
 - Make

Before attempting to build Glaux make sure you have built a GCC cross-compiler
and cross binutils. If you haven't already, follow the instructions
at http://wiki.osdev.org/GCC_Cross-Compiler to build a GCC cross-compiler
and cross binutils for your target machine. We will assume they are installed
in the $HOME/opt/cross/bin directory.

Type in your shell:
 $ export PATH="$HOME/opt/cross/bin:$PATH"
to add the path of the cross executables to $PATH

The GRUB2 bootloader is used by default in many popular linux distributions.
It is ultimately planned that Glaux will eventually have its own bootloader,
but this is probably distant future.

Make should be typically present in most modern Unix-like operating systems.
If not, just install it.

As Glaux comes in i686 only, $HOST does not need to be explicitly specified,
but in later versions you will want to build for other architectures.
Then it will be needed to specify $HOST like this in your shell:
 $ export HOST="i686-elf"

Optionally, you will want to change compiler flags to override the default
-Os -s flags. You will need to export $CFLAGS to the desired value.

Other environmental variables include:
   Where Glaux will be installed. The default is ./sysroot
   Where the cd-rom image will be placed. The default is ./glaux.iso
   Where headers and libraries will be placed in the final system.
   The default is /usr

After this, you should be able to type:
 $ make install
to install Glaux in $SYSROOT directory.

If you want to build a bootable cd-rom image, type:
 $ make iso
which will create the $GLAUXISO image.


To remove the files produced during the build process, just type in your shell:
 $ make clean

Beware that installed files need to be removed manually.