OSX Smart Folder Plugin for PS3 Media Server
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OSX Smart Folder Plugin for Ps3 Media Server

OSX Smart Folders provide interface to Spotlight searches in Mac OS X. They are used to get easy access to specific types of files. You can create smart folders using Finder, by select new smart folder from the menu. While creating a smart folder, you provide specific conditions. Based on your conditions, the files will show up in Finder. When you save a smart folder, the default location is "Saved searches". It is located in ~/Library/Saved Searches. This is the folder which is used by OSX Smart Folder Plugin to show smart folder in media server. When plugin is active, there will be a new root folder and under that there is a folder for each smart folder, containing the files as they appear in Finder.

OSX Smart Folder Plugin is written in Groovy!

Tested with PS3 Media Server 1.72.0



  • Gradle (build system)
  • PMS (1.5+) in local maven or gradle repository.

To build, type: gradle Easiest way to get gradle is via brew in OS X. The build system will embed groovy to the jar. You need to make sure you have pms version 1.5+ in your local maven or gradle repository. If you are able to compile PMS, just install it to local repo by: mvn install in PMS source root.


Place the compiled jar (from build/libs/) to plugins/ directory in PMS. Make sure you delete old version before copying new one.

You can download the ready-made jar (ready to be used with current PMS):

Todo / Ideas

  • Currently OSX Smart Folder Plugin supports only folders saved in the default location. User can however save the folders to any location. It would be possible to user a config file where user can define custom paths for smart folders, but it's not implemented yet.


  • 1.0.3 / 26.4.2013: Bug fix: Respect the scope of search. Minor optimization.

Copyright (c) 2012 Antti Niiles