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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Modify this file and put in your own license key generator
require "openssl"
require "rubygems"
require "base32"
# Creates a source string to generate registration code. A source string
# contains product code name and user's registration name.
def make_license_source(product_code, name)
product_code + "," + name
# This method is called by Potion Store to generate a registration code. It
# receives a product code string, a registration name and quantity. I'm not
# using quantity here, but you're free to do it.
def make_license(product_code, name, copies)
sign_dss1 =
priv ="lib/dsapriv512.pem"))
b32 = Base32.encode(priv.sign(sign_dss1, make_license_source(product_code, name)))
# Replace Os with 8s and Is with 9s
# See
b32.gsub!(/O/, '8')
b32.gsub!(/I/, '9')
# chop off trailing padding
def verify_license(product_code, name, copies, lic)
verify_dss1 =
pub ="lib/dsapub512.pem"))
lic.gsub!(/9/, 'I')
lic.gsub!(/8/, 'O')
# padded length has to divide by 8
padded_length = lic.length%8 ? (lic.length/8 + 1)*8 : lic.length
padded = lic + "=" * (padded_length-lic.length)
pub.verify(verify_dss1, Base32.decode(padded), make_license_source(product_code, name))
# Simple command line test
if __FILE__ == $0
require "test/unit"
class TestPxLic < Test::Unit::TestCase
def test_make_license
1000.times do
lic = make_license('product', 'User Name', 10)
puts lic
assert verify_license('product', 'User Name', 10, lic), "Failed with #{lic}"
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