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sdsykes commented Aug 27, 2012

Is there any chance to use CommonCrypto instead of OpenSSL? I'd really like to get rid of all those deprecation warnings.


glebd commented Aug 27, 2012

This is 1st priority on my TODO list.

CommonCrypto doesn't support public key cryptography as far as I know, but CocoaFob can be implemented using security transforms. I experimented with a rough implementation at one point, I'll clean it up a bit and post it later today in case it's useful.

Few notes:

  • I have not tested this much, ended up wanting to use shorter keys
  • Requires 10.7+
  • Removed the base64 extensions. These did not seem to be used but I expect were there as an implementation for the URL scheme so probably need a replacement.
  • Padding is handled automatically by the decode transform

glebd commented Sep 1, 2012

Thank you Matt, I have incorporated your implementation into the new branch "no_openssl".

@glebd glebd closed this Sep 1, 2012

sdsykes commented Sep 2, 2012

Great - I'll try it out!


ghost commented Mar 7, 2013

The code in this branch gives me false positives for license verification.


billymeltdown commented Jun 14, 2013

Awesome, I was just looking for this, will give it a shot ;-)

fjaeger commented Dec 12, 2013

How is the status on this project?


glebd commented Dec 12, 2013

It's being used in production by quite a few people. I consider it stable.

fjaeger commented Dec 12, 2013

so, the failing license verifications, which are mentioned above, have been sorted out?!


glebd commented Dec 12, 2013

I can't reproduce it, it's working for me. TBH, I hadn't touched the code in a while, so if there is still a problem, let me know.

sdsykes commented Dec 13, 2013

Working ok here also.

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