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// MGTwitterEngineConstants.m
#import "MGTwitterEngineConstants.h"
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineSinceIdOption = @"since_id";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineMaxIdOption = @"max_id";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEnginePageOption = @"page";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineCountOption = @"count";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineStatusOption = @"status";
NSString *const
kMGTwitterEngineInReplyToStatusIdOption = @"in_reply_to_status_id";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineIncludeEntitiesOption = @"include_entities";
NSString *const kMGTwitterEngineIncludeRetweetsOption = @"include_rts";
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