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= Ticgit-Watchtower

Ticgit-Watchtower is a web interface to ticgit, a issue tracker that is built
into git

== Usage

From the command line

  # tiwatchtower <<path_to_git_repository>>

That will start Sinatra on the default port of 4567.  Any options sinatra has,
so does tiwatchtower, such as setting the port and setting the environment.

== Installation

Ticgit-Watchtower has the following dependencies

* sinatra
* haml
* gravatar
* git
* ticgit
* RedCloth

Then to compile and install the ticgit-watchtower gem

  # rake
  # sudo gem install pkg/ticgit-watchtower-0.1.0.gem

Now have fun.