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ws_versions() ->
['draft-hybi-17', 'draft-hybi-10', 'draft-hixie-76', 'draft-hixie-68'].
handle_http_eoh(Socket, Method, Path, Headers) ->
inet:setopts(Socket, [{active, once}, {packet, raw}]),
case proto_ws:init(ws_versions(), Path, Headers) of
{ok, Response, WsState} ->
gen_tcp:send(Response, Socket),
loop(Socket, WsState);
_ ->
loop(Socket, State) ->
WsCallback = fun(D, Acc) ->
io:format("Received one message: ~p~n", [D]),
[D | Acc]
{tcp, _, Data} ->
case proto_ws:handle_data(Data, [], WsCallback, State) of
{Received, websocket_close} ->
io:format("Received accumulated messages: ~p~nand closing...~n", [Received]),
{done, normal};
{Received, websocket_close, CloseData} ->
io:format("Received accumulated messages: ~p~nand closing...~n", [Received]),
gen_tcp:send(CloseData, Socket),
{done, normal};
{Received, continue, SendData, State2} ->
io:format("Received accumulated messages: ~p~n", [Received]),
gen_tcp:send(SendData, Socket),
inet:setopts(Socket, [{active, once}]),
loop(Socket, State2)
{Received, continue, State2} ->
io:format("Received accumulated messages: ~p~n", [Received]),
inet:setopts(Socket, [{active, once}]),
loop(Socket, State2)
{send, Data} ->
gen_tcp:send(proto_ws:format_send(Data, State), Socket),
loop(Socket, State)
%% Connect and handshake with Websocket.
-spec connect(ServerRef::pid(), Req::#req{}, Ws::#ws{}, WsLoop::function()) -> true.
connect(ServerRef, #req{headers = Headers} = Req, #ws{vsn = Vsn, socket = Socket, socket_mode = SocketMode, path = Path} = Ws, WsLoop) ->
?PWS_LOG_DEBUG("building handshake response", []),
%% get data
Origin = proto_ws_utility:header_get_value('Origin', Headers),
Host = proto_ws_utility:header_get_value('Host', Headers),
%% build handshake
VsnMod = get_module_name_from_vsn(Vsn),
HandshakeServer = VsnMod:handshake(Req, Headers, {Path, Origin, Host}),
%% send handshake back
misultin_socket:send(Socket, HandshakeServer, SocketMode),
%% add data to ws record and spawn_link controlling process
WsT = {misultin_ws, self()},
WsHandleLoopPid = spawn_link(fun() -> WsLoop(WsT) end),
%% trap exit
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
%% set opts
misultin_socket:setopts(Socket, [{packet, 0}], SocketMode),
%% add main websocket pid to misultin server reference
misultin_server:ws_pid_ref_add(ServerRef, self()),
%% enter loop
enter_loop(WsHandleLoopPid, Ws, Req#req.headers, Origin, Host).