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./test installs the extension on your computer (in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/)
For the extension to work:
- It needs to be compatible with your version of gnome shell
To know your version of gnome-shell, type "gnome-shell --version".
Make sure that version is in "shell-version" in the metadata.json file
- It needs to be enabled.
gsettings list-recursively
gsettings get disabled-extensions
gsettings get enabled-extensions
gsettings reset enabled-extensions
gsettings set enabled-extensions "['']"
- You need to restart Gnome Shell
Alt+F2, and type "r"
or from a command line: gnome-shell --replace
- Finish implementing close, maximize and minimize in right-click menu
- Make right click menu appear/disappear faster, or even without animations
- Add a "show desktop" toggle button on the complete left to minimize/un_minimize all windows
- Reduce the gap between boxes
- Make the extension use more space (either by hiding the _centerBox or by telling _leftBox to fill the space)
- Emphasize the selected window a little more (either with more contrast/brightness, with borders, or with depth)
GNOME 3.2 is an early version of 3.2...
Gnome 3.2 introduces many changes.. and so almost all extensions written for previous versions of Gnome Shell are likely not to work :)
main() is replaced by init(), enabled(), disabled()... and there's many other changes as well ;)