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Set up

Fork this repo. After cloning your fork:

# remove all existing posts:
rm -f source/2*.markdown.erb
rm -rf source/images/2*/
git add -u
git commit -m "remove @glebm's posts"

Then change the following files with your data:

  • data/disqus.yml -- remove or change disqus key
  • data/google_analytics.yml -- remove or change analytics account id
  • source/CNAME -- remove file or change to your CNAME (this is for gh-pages)

The rest of the settings are in other files in data/. See config.rb for advanced configuration.

To update to the latest upstream with:

# add upstream -- only need to do this once 
git remote add upstream
# pull upstream changes, and apply your changes on top
git pull --rebase upstream/master


  • middleman to start development server
  • middleman article TITLE to generate a new article
  • rake build to test build
  • rake publish to publish (builds and pushes to gh-pages branch on origin).


Articles are written in markdown and also processed with <%= ERB %>. Add published: false to the YAML bit in the beginning of the article to make it a draft.


<%= image_tag 'image_name.png' %>
<img src="/images/image_name.png">

<%= article_image_tag 'image_name.png' %>
<img src="/images/2016-01-01-my-article-slug/image_name.png">


<%= glyphicon('play') %>
<i class='glyphicon glyphicon-play'></i>

Summary / read more:

If the article contains READMORE, the part above READMORE will be considered a summary, and will be rendered on the index page with a "Read more" link after it.