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24 lines (18 sloc) 935 Bytes do |s| = "eu_central_bank"
s.version = "0.2.0"
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
s.authors = ["Wong Liang Zan", "Shane Emmons"] = [""]
s.homepage = ""
s.summary = "Calculates exchange rates based on rates from european central bank. Money gem compatible."
s.description = "This gem reads exchange rates from the european central bank website. It uses it to calculates exchange rates. It is compatible with the money gem"
s.required_rubygems_version = ">= 1.3.6"
s.add_dependency "nokogiri", ">= 1.4.1"
s.add_dependency "money", ">= 3.5.4"
s.add_development_dependency "rspec", ">= 2.0.0"
s.add_development_dependency "rr"
s.add_development_dependency "shoulda"
s.files = Dir.glob("lib/**/*") + %w(CHANGELOG.rdoc LICENSE README.rdoc)
s.require_path = "lib"
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