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* Updated `emails#show` to conditionally ensure the link to plain tex…

…t email displays when using rails_email_preview in conjunction with premailer-rails3.

* Updated readme to reflect these changes.
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coryschires committed Apr 26, 2012
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@@ -73,17 +73,17 @@ To get the url of RailsEmailPreview in your main app you can call rails_email_pr
Premailer integration
-[Premailer]( (CSS inlining) integration can be done by using the <code>before_render</code> hook:
+[Premailer]( automatically translates standard CSS rules into old-school inline styles. It will also automatically create plain text emails based on their HTML counterparts. If you're your running Rails 3, I suggest using [premailer-rails3]( as it requires almost no configuration.
-For example, to process the previews with [ActionMailer Inline CSS](
-can be done like so:
+Integration can be done by using the <code>before_render</code> hook:
RailsEmailPreview.setup do |config|
config.before_render do |message|
- ActionMailer::InlineCssHook.delivering_email(message)
+ PremailerRails::Hook.delivering_email(message)
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
html_url = if @mail.multipart? || @mail.content_type =~ %r(text/html)
rails_email_preview.email_url(params.merge(:part_type => 'text/html'))
- plain_url = if @mail.multipart? || @mail.content_type =~ %r(text/plain)
+ plain_url = if @mail.multipart? || @mail.content_type =~ %r(text/plain) || Object.const_defined?('PremailerRails')
rails_email_preview.email_url(params.merge(:part_type => 'text/plain'))

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