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Automatically rewrite paths in url() calls. Avoid asset-url.
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This is an experimental plugin for Sass 3.3+, allows rewriting paths in url() values.

Related issue in Sass:

Do not use this. Overriding url is deprecated and will be removed from future versions of Sass.



@import "rewrite-url";

// set $rewrite-url-relative to process relative paths:
$rewrite-url-relative: asset-path;
@function asset-path($path) {
  @return "/assets/#{$path}";

// Now you can use regular url("") and it will be processed if it is relative:
.logo {
  background-image: url("logo.png"); //=> url(/assets/logo.png);

// Disable processing
$rewrite-url-relative: rewrite-url-none;
.logo {
  background-image: url("logo.png"); //=> url(logo.png);

// Unquoted strings do not work (yet?):
.logo {
  background-image: url(logo.png); //=> url(logo.png);

Sprockets integration:

@import "rewrite-url";
@import "rewrite-url/integrations/sprockets";

// From now just use url  instead of asset-url!
a {
 background-image: url("logo.png");

Experimental integration for Compass, it works by delegating to image-url or font-url depending on the extension:

@import "rewrite-url/integrations/compass";
@import "rewrite-url";

// From now just use url instead of image/font-url
a {
 background-image: url("logo.png");


Many Sass environment, such as Compass or Sprockets, define helpers to be used instead of url:

.logo {
  background-image: image-url("logo.png")

This makes it difficult to write Sass code compatible with all the environments (e.g. a library).


This plugin makes url a function that delegates relative paths to the specified asset helper (using call by name function introduced in Sass 3.3). With this, instead of using environment-specific asset helpers, you can use regular url().

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