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import datetime
import time
from google.appengine.ext import db
from models.NewsCache import NewsCacheModel
import AppConfig
#retrieves data by ID
def getData(recordId,format):
q = NewsCacheModel.all()
q.filter("rec_id =", recordId)
q.filter("rec_format =", format)
results = q.fetch(1)
return results
#verifies that data hasn't expired
def hasExpired(dataObj):
if (dataObj):
dataObjTime = dataObj[0].rec_date
now =
if (dataObjTime + datetime.timedelta(seconds=int(AppConfig.dataExpirationPolicy)) < now):
return True
return False
#stores data
def putData(recordId, format,data, url, referer, ip):
d = NewsCacheModel(key_name='%s_%s' % (recordId,format))
d.rec_id = recordId
d.rec_xml = data
d.rec_format = format
d.rec_url = url
d.rec_referrer = referer
d.rec_ip = ip