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jQuery OpenX tag plugin

This plugin provides alternative jQuery-compatible way to insert OpenX ad invocation tags into various parts of your web page. It also features some additional improvements over standard OpenX tags:

  • Ads are inserted asynchronously so that ad invocation code does not block page loading.
  • You can set and override invocation tag parameters in several places: globally for all ads that are loaded using the plugin, in ad insertion JS call, in ad placeholder class attribute with the help of jQuery Metadata plugin.
  • Callback on ad load.

The plugin was successfully tested with OpenX Community Edition version 2.8.8-rc6 (the most recent at the moment).

Usage examples

Init OpenX tag plugin with required parameters:

$.openxtag('init', {
    delivery: 'http://openx.local/openx-now/www/delivery',
    deliverySSL: 'https://openx.local/openx-now/www/delivery'

Load ad from OpenX zone 1 into web page element with id "zone1":

$('#zone1').openxtag('zone', 1);

Load ads from OpenX zone 1 into all elements with "banner" class with "block" option that instructs OpenX to skip banners that were already loaded on current page. The function from third argument is called on ad load.

$('.banner').openxtag('zone', 1, {
    block: true
}, function () {
    console.log('loaded ad from zone ' + 1);

Load all ads using invocation parameters set for each placeholder element in their HTML code.

$('.banner').openxtag('zone', function () {
    console.log('loaded ad');
<div class="banner {zoneID: 1, source: 'zone1'}"></div>
<div class="banner {zoneID: 1, source: 'zone2'}"></div>

Load ads using Single Page Call request. When using this method, multiple ad tags on page can be loaded with a single request to server. The limitation of this method is if you use metadata parameters, only zoneID parameter can be set per element. All other parameters are set per ad request.

$('.banner').openxtag('spc', function () {
    console.log('loaded ad');

Load ads using iFrame tag. Width and height parameters are required.

$('.banner').openxtag('iframe', 1, {
    width: 240,
    height: 400

Also see sample HTML pages in examples/


  • jQuery 1.6+
  • jQuery Metadata plugin is only required if you want to use its functionality


  • fix cross-site xhr
  • add documentation on
  • add test suite
  • remove callback, add event on ad load
  • provide examples with banner reload on timeout
  • experiment with ad delivery over websockets
  • implement direct selection

Known issues

The plugin sends js tag requests to OpenX server using XHR. Because of that cross-site requests may not work due to same-origin policy. Possible workarounds are:

  • Use iframe or spc type tags. SPC (Single Page Call) is recommended.
  • Setup server-side XHR proxy on same domain that your ad tag requests originate from.
  • Add Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header in your OpenX web server configuration (not all browsers support this header).

When you work with OpenX, don't forget to disable AdBlock.