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Check out this blog post for more details.

Setup Requirements

Everything should install with npm install and then npm run bower to download assets.

Also, if you want to use AWS S3 deployment, go and update /config/aws.json with your account information.


To build the static site:

npm run build

The output will be in /build

To do work editing the markdown files:

npm run www

Then go to http://localhost:3000. The site will live reload as up updates to markdown files are saved. If you make changes to any of the other parts of the build pipeline, you will have to restart the web server to test.

Editing Docs

All of the documentation is stored in the directory /src/markdown in Markdown files that support GitHub Markdown syntax.

Images can also be added by adding them to /src/assets/media.

Build Pipeline

The docs make use of Metalsmith, a plugin based static site generator. The core Metalsmith configuration and plugin configuration can be found in /scripts/metalsmith.js, and build.js and www.js contain extra configurations for the development server and production generation configurations linked to the NPM run commands in /package.json.

Production Deployment

The contents of the /build directory will be copied to an AWS S3 bucket by running npm run deploy.

Known Issues

After saving a change to a markdown file while using npm run www, the link for the update page in the TOC get's duplicated on the update page, and every subsequent entry creates another entry. It has something to do with this issue: