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Gleicon Moraes
Gleicon Moraes committed Dec 16, 2009
1 parent e9706a7 commit 3083923fbb422d5f1a4ab88e45646e11fb22d76a
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ - TODO: the object may have an expiration instead of straight dele - TODO: RPOPLPUSH can be used to put it in another queue as a backlog - TODO: persistence management (on/off/status) if uuid == 1: # TODO: use ismember() except: #TODO: rethink if retrying is really necessary. Spread around if it is. # TODO: how to implement get reference counting ? is it necessary (redis opers are atomic...) # TODO: cleanup in delete
-restmq.tac: DELETE is a TODO yet. Once you get the object, it's deleted for good.
+build a presence service (or use XMPP stuff) to sync more than 1 server doing comet.

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