url shortener using redis and mongodb
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URL Shortener using Redis for atomic operations and MongoDB for storing stats. 
This is a quick proof of concept to use different NoSQL DBs where they belong.

Redis is fast and has a lot of atomic operations which can be used as unique ID provider, 
fast caching and indexing while storing the data.

MongoDB is a document oriented DB which provides a rich query language.

The same setup can be used to do analytics, just by changing where the shortened URL is created to a gif provider 
or even a static code provider. It can also acts as a beacon or mail-targeted tracker.

It's built over cyclone, which provides async request handling and MongoDB/Redis Twisted based drivers. 
There are connections pools for both redis and mongodba and they live together pretty good.

http://localhost:8888/ - main page
http://localhost:8888/<id> - shortened url (redirects)
http://localhost:8888/<id>+ - url stats



- Install everything, and run as python urlshortener.py
- Point your browser to http://localhost:8888, enter an url to be shortened
- give it some access
- check stats page (the same shortened URL with a + sign at the end)
- profit !

TODO: Decouple analytics code using RestMQ, Tracking analytics module, code cleanup, better graphs in stats page, better html

(c) gleicon 2010