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Experimental OMERO/Vertx/Microservice Tight Integration
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OMERO Microservice Backbone

OMERO Vert.x asynchronous microservice service infrastructure for integration with an OMERO server instance. The "backbone" services host a layer that provides endpoints, accessible over the Vert.x eventbus, that expose various OMERO server functionality.

This infrastructure relies on the OMERO server extension mechanism::


  • OMERO 5.4.x+
  • Java 8+


The microservice service infrastructure relies on the following workflow::

  1. Placement of all JARs from lib folder of the distribution into the lib/server folder of your OMERO instance

  2. Configuring OMERO server configuration property if required

  3. Configuration of Hazelcast via the hazelcast.xml.example enclosed in the distribution and placement in the etc folder of your OMERO instance

  4. Symlinking of the omero-ms-backbone*.jar to extensions.jar in order to activate the infrastructure

  5. Restarting your OMERO server

Configuring Logging

Logging is provided using the logback library and piggybacks on the OMERO server configuration. You can configure logging by editing the etc/logback.xml of your OMERO instance and adding loggers for and/or com.hazelcast::

<logger name="" level="DEBUG"/>
<logger name="com.hazelcast" level="DEBUG"/>

Development Installation

  1. Clone the repository::

     git clone
  2. Run the Gradle build and utilize the artifacts as required::

     ./gradlew installDist
     cd build/install
  3. Log in to the OMERO instance you would like to develop against with and extract a session key.. This can be done using the login and sessions command line plugins for example::

     $ bin/omero login
     Previous session expired for root on localhost:4064
     Server: [localhost:4064]
     Username: [root]
     Created session for root@localhost:4064. Idle timeout: 10 min. Current group: system
     $ bin/omero sessions list
      Server         | User | Group  | Session                              | Active    | Started
      localhost:4064 | root | system | 97db5b88-5d7e-40f8-883b-17cf549f6126 | Logged in | Fri Feb  1 13:58:38 2019
     (1 row)
  4. Run single or multiple image region tests using curl::

     curl http://localhost:9090/api/<session_key>/...

Eclipse Configuration

Used for testing the various endpoints.

  1. Run the Gradle Eclipse task::

     ./gradlew eclipse
  2. Add a new Run Configuration with a main class of io.vertx.core.Starter::

     run "" -cluster -cluster-host <cluster_host>

Running Tests

Using Gradle run the unit tests:

./gradlew test


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