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H18-004 release lock- PLL ADF4157
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H18-004R2.PDF Add files via upload Sep 7, 2018

reference locking for amateur radio communications devices

H18-004 committed to mfr 8 September 2018

redesigned to make manufacturing cheaper - 2 layer 1mm FR4 board with 0603 parts, mostly.

This unit is for radios with reference oscillators that can be pulled. (There is another Locker- H18-006 which is a DDS based device that can accept 1pps or 5 to 15 MHz. (nom 10M) )

Uses ADF4157 fractional N synthesiser to deal with very low highest-common-factors such as locking a FT-1000 10.485760 MHz to 10MHz.

50mmx30mm x 3mm.

Ample solder-blob jumpers to deal with input options.

8-15V input

USB interface for programming and configuration.

free run of existing TCXO when external provided reference not present

LED multi status indicator .

Handles variety of internal reference amplitudes with on board amplifier for < 100 MHz inputs .

Requires >= 100mV ptp reference input 5 MHz to 150 MHz (10 MHz nominal)

Low loop filter BW preserves existing internal reference noise performance and excludes fractional spurs.

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