Mini ruby dsl for generating terraform files
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A mini ruby dsl for generating terraform files.

It's a terrible name, but a useful lib.

This is intended to be used in conjuction with human authored .tf files


For now, just copy the terrafiddle.rb file into your project - it's less than 20 lines.

Perhaps at some point I'll make it an actual gem.


Create a ruby file for building up some terraform config.

require './terrafiddle'

resource :resource_type, "Name", {
  attr: 1,
  attr2: "value",
  attr3: "${}"

And then run it to generate some JSON

ruby >

If you have a bunch of these, you'll probably want a Makefile. Here's an example:

# Based on

TERRAFORMS := $(patsubst %.rb,%.json,$(wildcard *.tf.rb))

all : build plan

build : $(TERRAFORMS)

%.json : %.rb terrafiddle.rb
  ruby $< > $@

plan :
  terraform plan

clean :

rebuild : clean build

graph : graph.png

graph.png :
  terraform graph | dot -Tpng > $@